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Firstly, a big, big thank you to everyone who posted such positive comments in my previous two posts. They do make a real difference and I love you all. *hugs*

Secondly, my Mum realised that she'd left the recorder attached to the phone yesterday and removed it, then realised that there was a recording on it of a phone call between my dad and my brother that had to have been made on Saturday evening or sometime on Sunday (probably while she was spending the day with me) as my brother mentioned the fact that she'd rung him and he'd hung up on her. She can't hear my brother very well, but my Dad was blatantly lying about her to him. Telling him things like she's insisting that he pay all the bills for the house (she's just asked him to pay half the mortgage and to repay his own credit cards; plus she's asked him to tell her how much the household bills are so that she can give him half the money for that).

He also thinks that 'she needs help'. That is truly amazing. I can't quite believe that someone I thought I knew well could be so thick as to believe that standing up for her grand-children is indicative of mental illness. It's not as if she was round there threatening the bastard with a knife or anything.

Apparently, he told my brother several times that this wasn't his (my brother's) fault and not to feel guilty about anything. At least that makes me feel slightly better about my brother, he obviously does realise that he is at least partly to blame, although I have him fourth on my list at the moment.


You know what the really annoying thing about this is? The fact that I can't go for more than about five minutes before I start thinking about it again. I have a really complicated task to sort out at work this week and I need to be able to concentrate on it dammit! It's just so frustrating.

Several people have now offered me kipping space if I want to get away for a while. I would absolutely love to but it would leave my Mother all on her own - she has a few friends in Norfolk, who've been great, but all her family is back in Hampshire - and I'm loathe to go too far in case something else happens and she needs a big hug and to see a friendly face (which is what happened at the weekend).

So thank you if you are one of those who have made such an offer. I may still take you up on it, but not for several weeks, until everything has calmed down a bit and people are (hopefully) less emotional. That's assuming I haven't had a complete nervous breakdown before then of course.

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It's at times like this I wish we had two spare rooms.

I can very much sympathise with having it come back and come back, having experienced the same problem in much less bad circumstances. I think that's also normal and I can't imagine what it's like to have to deal with this situation. You're writing about it brilliantly, for what little that's worth. :0/ I wish I could hug it better. It's all just so wrong, and tragic and sad.

My relaxation teacher has told me that if you can't find a space to meditate, then belly laughs will have much the same effect, just as a palliative to buy some time to let your body chemicals reset a little before dealing with the next onslaught. Comedy won't make anything better, but it might get you half an hour's breathing space from constant WTF?



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