Apr. 1st, 2008

First, thanks very much to everyone who replied to my question about domain name providers (especially Pol for kindly offering hosting). I eventually went for simply.com and am now the proud owner of lmbarber{dot}co{dot}uk, and the mail forwarding will send anything sent to that domain on to my gmail acount for the forseeable future. :-)

I'll decide what to do website wise later in the year.

So, Nanoedmo is now over, and I somehow managed to scrape together 50 hours of editing time in order to win. This despite the fact that on Saturday morning I was still only at 30 hours!

It's been a busy weekend.

I have 10 chapters which are pretty much good to go. (Actually they started as 8 and became 10.) Just a couple of small facts that I have to look up, then I need to get someone who knows about armed response units to read over the relevant bits.

Only 13 more chapters to edit, a few of which are 10k+ so I'm not looking forward to them, they'll have to be split at least once.

Interesting thing is that the editing process is automatically reducing the first draft by around 10%, which according to Stephen King is one of the golden rules of editing:

Second draft = First draft - 10%.

I might actually be ready to let someone else see it by June. :-o

On the writing front, I've just broken 150k, most of which has been on one story, which is now at 135k and counting. That's halfway through my goal for the year already. I thought that the current scene was going to be the last, but it can't be. There's another character that I have to say a bit more about, because he's very important in the later stories, and at the moment he hasn't been in it much at all. So there'll be at least another 10k I think.

The good thing is that I know that a lot of what I've written is waffle and repetition and so about a quarter of it can be hacked out straight away once the editing phase starts.

I have zero enthusiasm for work today. I got in late and am just sitting here faffing when I should be getting information together for people and ringing the Home Office. Hopefully I'll be more energized after lunch.

Oh, one more thing. If anyone ever asks, I want Apocalyptica's Farewell to be played at my funeral. It's just soooooo beautiful and if anything's capable of bringing me back, it'll be that. :-)
Someone has just signed up for this year's Nanowrimo with the username 'thepenismightier'.

Yes, it's already been pointed out to her...



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