Jul. 11th, 2006

loriba: (sparrow king)
Today I am not having lunch. Instead I'm taking a long lunch break and going to see a vampire film - at 1:15pm; an odd time to see a vampire film I know, but that's when it's on!

Have seen 4 films during the festival so far:
Pirates of the Caribbean II - which I really enjoyed, but my Mum's going to hate the ending ...

Powerless, which was very low budget and it showed, painfully. A nice idea, but incredibly badly acted; although not so badly that it was funny, which would have been at least one small plus point. Overall, it was just bad.

Keane: This had very good performances from Damian Lewis and Abigail Breslin. Unfortunately there wasn't a story for the performances to be good in. It was interesting to hear what he thought about the plot (there was a plot?) inconsistencies afterwards though. [Memo to Eeson: Might not be such a good idea to start talking about how awful Dream Catcher was when DL is walking up a corridor only 6' ahead of you. Funny though!)]

Adrift: The trouble with these sorts of films is that if I can see the obvious way out of their dilemma right from the start (ie before people start dying) I then just think that they're all stupid and lose a lot of sympathy for them. So when they eventually (after 85' of film) work it out for themselves I don't really feel any relief for them, just exasperation that it's taken them so long to get there. Ho-hum. It wasn't too bad overall though.

So today's films are:

Frostbite - Vampire film set in Lapland and advertised with the line 'Don't worry, dawn is only a month away.'

Magic Eye - a documentary about the war in Albania.

Okay, better do some work before I leave I suppose...



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